Nonsensia is a game which is not a game. Have you ever heard about comic book ‘Lobo philosophy’ with beautiful cover and 64 white pages? So in Nonsensia box you can find the same none-sense which makes it the best game on your shelfie. Just imagine your friends coming to you to play a game and you’re going to give them Nonsensia. You’re opening the box and giving them blank white card with blank dice and for recording score put a pencil (guess what? Pencil is white as well), and in Monty Python’s style you are starting the game.

Basically that game is a joke you can make to your friends and looks cool on your shelfie too. It can be used as well as a ‘Prototype your own game’ if you wish to. Only your imagination can tell what really Nonsensia is.

If you think ‘eee’ we have a card version of the game. This time there are rules and party fun. Cards gives you crazy ‘dares’ to do. Blue pill dare gives you less points and red pill dares gives you more points. Everybody pick 3 cards (Before the game start you can switch red pill for 2 blue pills) . For every dare you do you will receive points, for every dare you won’t do you will lose points. Whoever got the bigest score at the end of the game is the winner. Go and check our shop because the quantity is very limited.